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What Our Clients Say

Yesterday we signed our contract with owner Isaac Lassiter immediately after receiving approval from the Historic Review Board to rebuild our home destroyed during the Santa Rosa fire. Chris Fargo has been exceptional in helping us through the design process. We are so excited to be on the way to having a home again and to be working with the people at Cutting Edge Homes!

Jack H Thomas III

Friendly team. Stylish design options and customizability. Solid build (you’d be hard-pressed to find a traditional construction more durable). The quality of today’s modular homes and efficiency of construction makes the prefab market more attractive than ever. Working with the Cutting Edge guys and gals really adds another layer to that efficiency, streamlining the process from idea-to-market. Definitely recommend.

Will Eskridge

When our home burned in Paradise, I immediately began looking for a company that could get me home quickly. As an amateur architect and home builder since 1987, I was elated to find this company. I have met the staff and interviewed the owner and every conversation I have with this team makes me happy I chose them. Thank you Cutting Edge Homes.

I am thankful you are with me every step of the way. I like our frank talks about budgets and the logistics of insurance. As an MBA, I love your ethics of resource management especially when it comes to the men and women building my home. I know I have many neighbors that want to get back to Paradise quickly. With you, I know I will be one of the first in my new home in Paradise.

Christine Poje

My family and I lost our home in Sonoma County in the 2017 fires. We were suddenly forced to build a new home in a short time period with no experience. The Cutting Edge team quickly made us feel at ease with our decision. Being new to the housebuilding market we had two huge concerns, quality and trust. We never had any issues with availability or return calls. The team made every deadline always staying right at the budget. The process was explained completely and thoroughly, with no surprises.

The quality of our house is amazing. Energy efficiency is really big for us. We are working with an energy consulting group to qualify for a few rebates for solar power. The energy calculations on our house were 20% above energy standards, we qualified without having to make any upgrades with a standard CEM house.

The owner of CEH made multiple trips to our property and kept our kids up to date with photos of the house being built.

We love our new home!

M. W.

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