Modular Construction


Factory Built Modular Homes

A true “Modular” home is completed up to 80% in a factory and is built to the California Building Code, the same code that applies to site-built homes. Modular homes are always permanently set on a concrete foundation or a special foundation system if the site requires.

We build almost any architectural style with modular construction if you allow for shipping considerations and budget constraints. Modular buildings are typically finished in about half the time of site-built construction.

Assembling a Two-Story Modular Home in the Factory

Modular homes are built in a controlled environment protected from weather out of the best building materials. Constant quality control checks and third party inspectors ensure that your home is precision built and in compliance with all codes.

Cutting Edge Modular Home Installations Around California

Modular homes can cost 5 to 15% less than their site-built counterpart, depending on the costs of construction in your area. These homes can be installed on any lot in California, in any neighborhood, without the possibility of discrimination based on where the home was built, so long as it conforms to the lot requirements.

Cutting Edge Modular Home Interior Finished

Modular homes finance and appraise the same as a comparable site-built home, so the only reason not to build with modular construction is if we can’t access your site with big modular trucks, or if you have to have an exact plan that can’t be built efficiently with modular construction. In that case, please visit our section on Smart Panel Construction.

Watch the Installation Process of a Modular Home

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