The most common first question that our clients ask is “What is a Modular Home,” just before the question “What does it cost.” The commonly found answers on the internet can be confusing. We help you clear up what a modular home is and what it costs. We believe that modular construction may be the best choice available today to build your home in California today.

Take a seat and get some popcorn for a morning to night view of the set day on the San Francisco Peninsula.

We’re here in Santa Cruz, California, setting up twelve modules for three homes on one foundation in a dense suburban area.

Construction of a second home on a property in lovely Villa Park, California. Our construction system brings a family together and minimizes irritations to the neighbors. We can do this for you too.

Santa Barbara Modular Home Set

Come along with us, and watch as we construct a modular home set in Santa Barbara, California.

Gold Country Modular Homes

Watch our playlist on constructing a modular home set in Gold Country, California.

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