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We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to get beyond the marketing hype that you will often hear, “We will build your dreams and solve your problems, just give us your money!” Life often isn’t that simple, and building a home in California never works out to be a simple process.  We want you to have real information about the process that goes beyond marketing hype and false promises.  Through our experience we have assembled the primary information that you will need to build a home in California, and some of that information is shared here. 

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Modular Home Construction Videos

Bringing a Family Together construction of a 2nd home on a property in lovely Villa Park, California. Our construction system brings a family together and...

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We Do It 3 Ways

It is our job to make your modular home-building project the most seamless, stress-free building project possible.
We hope that we can help you. Cutting Edge Homes is your California modular home builder.


Proven Procedures

First, our procedures guide the modular building process so your project is completed rapidly, minimizing the time you spend stressing about it.


Fast Responses

Secondly, we respond to your inquiries and requests as quickly as possible, and we are not hard to get in touch with if there are delays in your project.


Better Quality

Lastly, you will end up with a better quality home for less money, which means less stress on your family’s budget.

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