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Cutting Edge Homes delivers the highest quality California Modular Homes.

We have a comprehensive team of engineers and professional consultants that will design and oversee all of the permitting of your home. This service simplifies the process dramatically for our clients. You provide the vision and  we can do the rest. We will introduce you to licensed contractors who will perform the work once your plans are approved by the planning and building departments. Many clients purchase the modular home from us, have the factory certified set-up crew receive and install the modular home, and then a local general contractor performs the remaining site-work.

There are six major services that Cutting Edge Homes offers:

1. Land Acquisition

The acquisition of land in California is a real challenge to find if you don’t have it. Usually, construction project planning starts after land is purchased, not before. The time and substantial funds which are required to prepare the engineered plans and obtain approval are more than most buyers wish to spend prior to owning the land. Believe us, we understand.
Cutting Edge Homes does not directly help you search for land, but we have real estate contacts in many areas of California that we can introduce you to. Please sign up for our mailing list and we can try to help. When looking for land you will want to find a competent local real estate agent and visit as many properties as you can find. Networking in your community and looking for lots not offered on the MLS can be one successful way to find great land at a good price. Start early, study, and visit as many sites as you can. When you have land secured and in escrow we can perform a route survey to make sure that the home you want can be delivered. Finding land for new construction in coastal and urban areas can be difficult and can take some time. Start soon and happy searching!

2. Design/Build Services

The simplest path forward is to select one of our existing home plans. Many of our clients are interested in customized plans. You may want to start with an idea or an existing “floor plan,” and have us prepare the plans for your unique home. We will work tirelessly on the design of your home to get it just right. Whichever route you take, our in-house design and engineering team provides a comprehensive plan preparation service, culminating in our technicians submitting the factory and site-constructed plans for your building permit.

If you live in an area that requires preliminary HOA approval, planning department, or coastal review processes, we are here for you. Our team can spearhead the process of entitlement, getting the plans processed as quickly as possible given your unique site and requirements. Cutting Edge has the experience and battle scars from multiple years of working in high-complexity cities helping our clients exercise their right to build on their properties. We have successfully obtained permits in the California Coastal Commission zone many times.

We can add some custom features in the factory to your home, or the project’s general contractor can put together additional customization once the home arrives at the building site. The sky and your budget are the only limits.You may also choose one of our many pre-designed plans from our collection of California modular homes, which will save you time and money versus full custom designs and speed up the process.

3. Financing

All of our homes are built to the “California Residential Code,” (CRC) the traditional building code in California. Your home will finance at the same rates as any other site-built home, but it is helpful to work with a lender that understands the modular construction process and has the experience to underwrite and administer your  construction loan.

Important Note: Our listed prices are for cash buyers of our homes or for buyers who use our recommended lenders. Additional short term financing costs will apply if you use another lender and their payment schedule differs from the factory’s required payment schedule.

Randall Lee Nixon
OneTrust Home Loans
(858) 429-4654 – Office
(619) 954-7816 – Cell
This lender specializes in new modular home construction loans.

Important Note: Lenders generally require that you obtain planning approval and building permits prior to issuing your loan. With the permits in hand and your completed budget the lender can close your construction loan.

You may contact our preferred lenders directly or contact your regional Client Services representative for more information on financing your new home via our lending partners.

4. Ordering and Delivery of Modular Homes

During the process of ordering your home, we will sit down with you in person or provide a virtual gallery where you can select your cabinets, countertops, and other finishes. Our Client Service representative will be knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to do whatever it takes to get your modular home just right.  Personal relationships with our clients are important. Through the process you will be able to get to know the people building your project.

We distinguish ourselves by working hard to provide a quality product to our clients. We share detailed information about how we build; our team is available more hours on more days than our competition; we excel at projects that require complex planning for approvals and assembly; and, we far exceed your expectations by providing the same attentive service throughout your modular home building project that we do on the first day we speak with you. If you like working with “details people,” you have found your team with Cutting Edge Homes.

We are not suggesting that your project will be easy. In fact, we have never built a project that was easy! Homes are complicated to build. They create static in your head and make you wish that you were sitting in a calm and comfortable place thinking about something else. You want to choose a company to build your home that is ready for challenges, and knocks them down in the lowest risk and lowest cost way when they appear. We work hard being that company.


5. Project Communication

We will give you access to a private cloud with all of the information regarding your project. Our cloud will aid in planning, designing, and engineering your California modular home project. We have been an industry pioneer in using the cloud to communicate with our clients, vendors, regulators, and other project stakeholders. Cutting Edge continues to lead the way with comprehensive cloud-based project management services.

We will schedule a preliminary meeting with you to find out what home fits you best. From the planning stages to move-in, your modular home project should be 3-5 months shorter than a comparable site-built project, depending on engineering, local permitting, and approvals. Cutting Edge Homes will be there with you every step of the way, providing all of the resources you need to get your modular home built quickly and with minimal headache. It is our job to make your modular home-building project the most seamless, stress-free building project possible.

6. Project Management, Green Building, and Set-up

We can recommend a network of experienced California licensed general contractors that will work directly with you to prepare the site. A factory approved set-crew will place the modular home on the foundation and make the connections. We never assume that our clients will find contractors to do the work or to coordinate their job sites, so please let our Client Services representative know if you would like a contractor referral.
Your site will be prepared and home constructed to the rigorous 2019 California Residential Code (CRC) and Cal Green Code, and any specific local regulations that are identified to us. If you are an “Owner-Builder” we can sell you the modular home and introduce you to a factory certified setup crew.
Some of our clients are interested in pursuing a green building certification program. We work with and provide detailed information to the licensed raters who score our homes and the on-site general contractor for conformance with the green building guidelines. As (we believe) the first builder of a permanent off-grid systems-built home in southern California, and an early member of the US Green Building Council, we lead the way among our industry in advocating for and acting on the green building movement. 

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