Looking for Land in California

We believe that if you are looking for land in California you need good, realistic information to help with your search, and an understanding of the SERVICES that you will need when you are ready to make an offer on the property.

Below and in our Learning Center you will find resources to help with your planning for your new home.

Our PLAN COLLECTIONS can help you to get an idea of what will work and what is available with modular construction, but each property will have unique factors that may change what is best to pursue building on that property.

At Cutting Edge Homes we are sometimes too realistic for prospective clients, and they often go with other suppliers who tell them what they want to hear. We do not provide information that paints a “rosy” scenario about finding land in California. In the nation’s most populous state land is in high demand what will work for will help you  below and pick out your favorite floor plan. Then you may consider our plan with the properties that you are looking into.

Many customers want to gain an idea of pricing for their budget.  Pick a home or a few homes that fit your family’s needs. Then fill out our contact form and provide the plan name(s) and we will send you the pricing to get you started.

Building Process Resources

About Our Company (PDF)

Cutting Edge Homes California Prefab (PDF)

Modular Steps to Building (PDF)

Our Typical Construction Process (PDF)

Green Modular Building Video Series (Youtube)

Technically comparing Modular Homes to Manufactured Homes (PDF)

Our Guide to Finding Land (PDF)

Modular Building Process Flow-Chart (PDF)



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