I do not have land in California and I’m not looking

We only sell homes to buyers in the State of California. Although we would like to, if you are in Any Other State we can not help you.

We appreciate your inquiry and invite you to click on this link to find a modular home supplier in your area:

Google “Modular Homes” (or) Google – “Modular Homes + (your state)”

Commercial offers – We do not accept offers via our web-forms. You will be deleted and we will not respond.  Call our office with any commercial offers.

We do not build modular homes for any other state than CA, but we want to help you learn more for your research and decisions.

The building industry is governed by state laws which vary widely in each state. The regulation of buildings, health & safety are complex enough as to discourage our company from being a builder in any other state. We focus on California and know the laws, manufacturers, contractors and other professionals that get things done in California. Our company has made a decision to stay strong in our core market and not dilute our products and services by offering those to other states. If you are not in California, we can not sell you a modular home and we do not design plans or provide any other services for you and your project.

Recommended information for non-California customers:

We strongly recommend the book by Andrew Gianano, “The Modular Home.” Mr. Gianano is an experienced modular home builder from the US Northeast who is a great mind and has written a book for exactly someone in your position. He shares a step by step process of learning and consideration for you when you pick your builder of modular homes.

Cutting Edge Homes wishes the best for you and for great success on your project if you are outside of California.

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