Cutting Edge Homes does not act as a General Contractor on your project. We can focus on helping you find the perfect home for your family without concern for how much we would make off of the construction of a particular floor plan. Other competitors have a vested interest in your using a particular factory because it will mean more profits for their construction business. We do a large volume of homes and want you to pick the perfect home for you without pushing you into a factory that isn’t right for you. We plug you into the process and know-how so that you can get the best prices from factories, lenders, contractors, and real estate agents so you navigate the building permit process as quickly as is possible.

You are not legally required to use a general contractor, but most people find it smart to use one because of the complexities of the building industry in California. Imagine the amount of technical details, state laws, and local codes in any high-tech industry. Would it make sense to try to build your own computer from raw materials yourself, or to hire a company to manage the process of getting all of the components and assembling them in a professional way? Building a long-lasting home is much more complicated than building a computer from scratch. If you have a typical full-time job, it will be very difficult to find the time to manage your project as an owner-builder. There are very few cost efficiencies in contracting a job yourself because it will go slower and you will pay higher subcontractor bid prices than if you were a regular general contractor. You will also make more costly mistakes than a good general contractor. If you are a contractor or developer with experience, it could make sense for you to contract the job yourself and have Cutting Edge provide the modular home delivered. We can introduce you to a certified modular home set-up contractor that will work directly with you to provide the installation of the home.

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